here you will find mp3s of the month from the past, as well as old video clips and photos.


old ironside - this is an unmixed version of track one from the circle of birds cd. the vocals by tim miser are good in my opinion. i fought to get them on the final mix, but no one listened to me. i think johnathon is partial to instrumental music--go figure--and everyone else thought it sounded too much like thom york. listening to it now, i don't hear thom yorke hardly at all.

all the feeling (demo)
- this track was recorded in the early fall of 2002. it contatins no vocals, and is drasticly different than the version that was recorded at bell labs in norman, ok a year and a half earlier.

recently, forever
track three from the first cd "that is when he turns us golden." kyle sings. last year we openned several shows with this tune. it's the only song from that cd that we have played live in several years.

infinite keys (demo)
this is the version of infinite keys that was recorded in the practice space a few months before the actual album sessions. this will give you some idea of just how prepared the band typically is when the enter the studio.

easy money
we recorded this along with two other songs in august of 2002. they are to be released as part of the one-sided lp series on burnt toast vinyl.

words that cure pt. 1 and 2
(this is 17mb, but well worth the long download. very cool demo version recorded on a cassette four-track)

180 commercials featuring "song for johnathon" (2mb quicktime movies)