With groups like The Flaming Lips and Starlight Mints putting out recent critic-pleasing gems, you could start to believe that the almost-forgotten southern state of Oklahoma is secretly charmed, and if there is a quiet buzz about it, Ester Drang will do its share to raise that whisper a notch or two.
The band has been playing in various forms since 1995. They've quietly released an EP, a single, a full length, and recently signed to Jade Tree Records. Their second album Infinite Keys (JT1082) was recorded in December at Echo Labs and mixed at Soma (WILCO, STEREOLAB) by Chris Colbert (Summer Hymns, Elf Power). Along with Infinite Keys, the Drang has a vinyl only EP coming out on Burnt Toast Vinyl that features Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips.
Through several line up changes, the core of Ester Drang has stayed the same. The influences here range from My Bloody Valentine to Marvin Gaye... Spiritualized to Beatles... Mogwai to Phillip Glass... Rachel's to Boards of Canada... but there’s no ripping off or cheap imitations to be found. Ester Drang plays in a well established tradition without once stepping on any toes or button-holing themselves into any particular buzz-word genre.
The Drang is steadily making a name for themselves and winning the respect of people that they've looked up to for years. Ester Drang has toured with Pedro the Lion, Starflyer 59, Denali, and Unwed Sailor and has shared the stage with the White Stripes, Wheat, the Starlight Mints, Get Up Kids, and Roadside Monument to name a few.

former members: sterling williams, brian brewer, david motter
honored guests: john owen parish, matt nader, james plumlee, liza landers, jeremy forbis, jason bilyeu, matt putman