cassette tapes:
the first longing
candle stick

compact discs:
that is when he turns us golden (red crown)
goldenwest (burnt toast vinyl)
infinite keys (jade tree)

ester drang/antenna lodge split (7"vinyl)
pleasure themes and get rich schemes (10"vinyl) (burnt toast vinyl)

sparkler - adle vice
31 flavors - huskavarna & always
underground 101 - ??
spot awards comp. - repeating the procedure
nbr, the secret recordings - ??

related recordings:
circle of birds - self titled (burnt toast vinyl)
tim miser / lasso - into final corners (flat earth)
unwed sailor - the marionette and the music box (burnt toast vinyl)

cassette tapes:
the first longing -
track listing: lust, someday, first longing, don't waste away
bio: this was ester drang's first recording and was often called a starflyer rip off. the band at the time was bryce, kyle, and james.

lampstand -
track listing: blue skies, adle vice, your refrain, view finder
bio: the cover was is in black and white is actually a picture of grand central station. we called the tape "lampstand" because of the scriputure we put inside of it. rev.2:5 . sterling had only been with the band one month before it was recorded. it was recorded upstairs of sterling's parents pink house. 

lafayette -
track listing: lafayette #1, capsule return data, the kremlin, the first of many explanations, lafayette #2, huskavarna (medulla oblangata version), closest approach
bio: i believe this tape was recorded when bryce got his four track recorder. most of the songs sound like they have been slowed down and are pretty bad quality. there are alternate versions of several songs that made it onto "that is when he turns us golden," but the biggest surprise is "the first of many explanations." it was recovered a couple years later and reworked. it bacame the crowd favorite, "felicity darling."

compact discs:
that is when he turns us golden -
track listing: lafayette, fiddling while rome burns, recently, forever, always, one-hundred seventeen days adrift, o captain, my captain, when the curtain's down, huskavarna, the caspian silence
bio: the title came from a conversation bryce had with a man he worked with. he described passing into the after life as god turning us golden. it was recorded at the homes of tim miser and james on tim's computer. i am pretty sure this was tim's first time as a record producer. david joined the band between the recording and release of tiwhtug. it's release also marked the point that the drang began playing local clubs and wiening itself from christian shows...a very exciting time.

goldenwest -
track listing: goldenwest, song for johnathon, is nothing new, repeating the procedure, that's when he turns us golden, words that cure pt. 1 and pt. 2, how good is good enough, felicity darling
bio: our first trip to a real studio, the green room, huntington beach, california. there is a lot to say about this album. the three weeks spent recording it were long, dark, and stressful. in the end it was all worth it. chris colbert and frank lenz manned the board and cursed at us an awful lot. the album title was taken from a major street running through huntington beach. the biggest surprise from this session was the title track. we had the piano recorded before we went to california and thought it was just gonna turn out to be this big noise jam. frank laid down the drums on it and kyle got the bass line and it took a whole new shape that we didn't expect. the violin on felicity, darling was recorded here in tulsa to a click track and a scratch guitar. when we took it to the studio, sterling played to the click until the ending and he winged it. when we played it back sterling was right on the click at the end and had managed to come back in at just the right moment. it was amazing.

infinite keys -
track listing: temple mount, dead man's point of view, oceans of you, one hundred times, the greatest thing, no one could ever take your face, if they only new, all the feeling, i don't want to live (in a world of infinite keys)
bio: click here for recording notes.
as always, song writing is a slow process for ester drang. bryce said he started writing "dead man" soon after returning from the goldenwest sessions and recorded a demo of it by the following september. the demo had sterling making some noise on a tenor sax, and lyricly it was very personal for bryce. "if
they only knew" is another one written early on and usually appeared on setlists as "the western song" or "westminster" because of it's c&w swing. demo versions included a mellchior sound that maybe sounded a bit too much like "exit(music for a film)" jeff hooked up with the drang during the writing process, and david quit about a month before the sessions began.

ester drang/antenna lodge split -
track listing: ester drang - repeating the procedure
bio: we decided to do this because we really wanted to record and we thought we had a pretty cool song. we recorded it here in tulsa with sound engineer wizard hank charles. david sings on the bridge. the drums were sampled into a roland dr. sample then played through that to adat. there were only 500 of these pressed, so good luck finding one.

pleasure themes and get rich schemes -
track listing: easy money, one hundred times, all the feeling, pleasure themes and get rich schemes
bio: this hasn't been released yet, but is a part of the one-sided lp series from burnt toast vinyl. we recored it with hank charles in august 2002. easy money was based around a loop david created in reason 1.0. one hundred times and all the feeling were rerecorded for the infinite keys album, but the version of all the feeling on this record was recorded with trent bell in january 2001. it is special because sterling played drums on it and steven drozd of the flaming lips played synth and pedal steel on it. we paid him $50 to come out for a couple hours and he played some very cool stuff. pleasure themes and get rich schemes is an older song we hadn't played in a long time. it is a very good song and deserved to be recorded.

related recordings:
circle of birds - ester drang, unwed sailor, and lasso got together for four days and nights to write and record music together. the result was circle of birds. the album was mixed by dave bazaan of pedro the lion.

tim miser and lasso - tim is a long time friend of the drang. he recorded our first cd and also the circle of birds cd. everyone in the drang has played with him at one time or another. james and jeff were both in his band at the time he recorded his latest cd.

unwed sailor - james is always going somewhere to play with someone. he was a part of the marionette and the music box recording and he and jeff recently worked on a song with unwed sailor for a 7".